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Getting there:
The Central Coast is an immense expanse of snow topped peaks, narrow valleys, fjords and thousands of islands. Bella Coola in the heart of the Central Coast, is the most ideal access point for 15,000 km of coastline , pristine beaches, supernatural scenery, with hunting, fishing, hiking and bird watching to take your breath away.

Bella Coola is accessible by road, air or water. Highway 20 heads west from Williams Lake, in the heart of the Cariboo, 465 km to Bella Coola (all but 58 km are hard-surfaced). Bella Coola's famous "Hill" is the point where Highway 20 crests the Coast Mountain Range and begins it's descent into the Bella Coola Valley. At Heckman Pass, 1524 m (5000 + ft.) you begin the first of a two part descent, the first 5.5 kms leads you down to the Young Creek Bridge. This is followed by a climb up to the start of the Hill. The last 9 kms, consists of 3 kms of wide fairly steep road followed by 6 kms, with grades of up to 18%, which is marked "narrow road, single lane in places". There are two switchbacks, giving spectacular views. Take your time, use your lowest gear and keep your brakes cool. All sorts of vehicles, big and small, use the "Hill" on a daily basis. So regardless of the size of your 'rig' rest assured you'll arrive safely. Just take your time and use a bit of common sense.

The highway from Anahim Lake to the bottom of the Hill is known as the "Freedom Highway", because it provided a route out of the Bella Coola Valley. In the 1950s, the provincial Ministry of Highways claimed it was impossible to build this road, so the Bella Coola Valley residents built the road themselves. The road was completed on the 26th September, 1953. Stop at the Bella Coola Valley Museum to see photographs of what the Freedom Highway used to look like, and then contemplate your own adventure. Highway 20 is our regular route for Semi-trailer truck traffic to and from the valley, so, is suitable for all kinds of vehicles. Gearing down is essential.

Scheduled commercial flights link Bella Coola to Vancouver. BC Ferries' Discovery Coast Passage (route 40) allows travel from Port Hardy to Bella Coola with stops at Bella Bella, Shearwater, Klemtu and Ocean Falls. The MV Queen of Chilliwak provides a circle route, linking Vancouver Island to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast areas. For more information about the Bella Coola Valley and ferry schedules check out: